School Room & Cloak Room Roof Replacement – Day 29 to 32

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Work has continued on slating and replacing rotten woodwork.
We are trying to keep as much of the existing detail as possible and replace some of what we know was once there from old photographs and the evidence in the remaining woodwork.
For example, at the front of the school when we started the work there was only a single X across the apex. From an old photograph and the the rotten tennon in the woodwork we know there would have been the existing X at the back against the wall and another forward from it flush with the fascia board, so we have reinstated this. This would have been mirrored at the back but we have left that with only the original X that remained. At the back we have reinstated the cross pieces that formed a right angle between the roof beams that come out through the wall. These are not exactly the same as the originals but are a nod to it. We are unable to reinstate this detail at the front because at some point in the buildings life the parts of the beam that sit externally have been cut back and a plug of stone added to the hole that was left.