The Old School House was built for a cost of £386 and opened its doors to pupils on 3rd February 1873.
The conveyancing of the site was completed in October 1868 and by April 1871 the prolific architect E.H. Lingen-Barker had been appointed and Ingram and Jones Builders had won the tender for the contract to build the school.
Extract from Building News – 7th April 1871

More information on E.H. Lingen-Barker can be found here.

The school was extended several times over the years and some of the plans to those changes can be found in the links below.
The school finally closed its doors to pupils in 1977.


Plans of the School House going back to 1886.


Photographs of the School House and its pupils and teachers.


An eclectic collection of School House related items.


A series of timelines detailing the history of the School House.

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